Preplan with BLAZEMARK Pre-incident planning Software

Pre incident planning can make all the difference in a school safety emergency, a business continuity crisis or situation where a first responder needs to communicate a pre-plan with Mutual Aid Departments. You can have confidence that BLAZEMARK “just works” – at 2am or Noon; from your department, to mobile devices. No confusion. No difficulties. Just clean, clear, communication of the mission-critical information. As only BLAZEMARK pre-incident planning Software can do it.

Up to date, cloud-based software means the difference between responding to a call and answering it in the most efficient and informed way possible. With Blazemark, you are not only adhering to NFPA 1620 pre-incident planning standards, you are improving lines of communication, ensuring that information is up-to-date, and taking the most modern approach possible to protect the lives of responders and civilians. From training and table top drills to pre plans and risk analysis, Fire Planning Associates puts the power of first-rate emergency planning in your hands.


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